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Worried about how you’re going to budget for your new Mitsubishi? Don’t be–by applying for financing through our website, you can get easy access to an affordable monthly plan.

Why Finance Through a Dealership?

You have plenty of options when it comes to auto financing. However, your best bet is to work with the dealership directly. We have plenty of experience helping customers find the monthly payment plan that works for their budget, and we can do the same for you! Other loans might have astronomically high interest rates or hidden fees that could end up costing you. At Lehman Mitsubishi, we want to make the financing aspect of buying a vehicle as easy as possible. Save time by going directly through us for a loan, instead of wasting hours and days with a middleman. Also, you can easily get pre-approved when you work with Lehman Mitsubishi! The form is on our website. All you have to do is enter your information, and we can get to discussing how to best fit your budget.

What is Second Chance Finance?

You might be under the impression that poor credit means you won’t be able to afford a new car, or that you’ll have interest rates out of your reach. At other dealerships, this might be true. At Lehman Mitsubishi, we know that your past doesn’t define you. Even if you’ve hit some bumps in the road, you deserve the Mitsubishi model you’ve always wanted. That’s why we’ve come up with Second Chance Finance! We consider everyone for financing, even if your credit is less than perfect. We consider other aspects of your history and take a comprehensive look at your past, rather than focusing on one number. Your credit score isn’t everything, and Lehman Mitsubishi knows that.

More Finance Options at Our Finance Center

If you want to further discuss your financial options, the finance experts at Lehman Mitsubishi are here to help. We have years and years of experience helping the Miami Gardens area get the Mitsubishi they’ve always wanted for an affordable price. Our professionals can devise a financial plan for you that can help match your budget instead of working against it. Don’t trust your wallet with anyone else! At Lehman Mitsubishi, we’ve always got our customer’s best interest in mind.

Visit Lehman Mitsubishi for more information, or apply for financing directly on our website!

We’re your source for Mitsubishi! As your local Mitsubishi dealer in Florida, if you live in Miami Gardens, Hollywood, North Miami Beach, or any surrounding areas, you’re within easy reach of the best Mitsubishi dealership in the state. With us, it’s easier than ever to apply for financing. You can use the form on our website to quickly get pre-approved, and we’ll discuss your options with you once we’ve reviewed it. We’re local, reliable, and we’re the most customer-focused Mitsubishi dealership. Visit us or call us today to learn more about your financing options!